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Yes, I Wanna Chat And I Promise Upon The Gita And The Bible That I Shall Be Civil!! Now Please Let Me Have A Dialogue With The Remainder Of Civilization.



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General Guidelines / Terms And Conditions

# This chat feature has been provided as Value Addition to the main services being provided on the website tripodot.com and the portal of Tripodot. We hope that you shall treat it with respect and dignity and maintain discipline for everybodys sake. Please dont use expletives or foul language or propagate abusive lexicon via our portal. The chats may not be monitored in real time by us so you need to practise self-restraint. The service may be utilized very effectively to discuss anything under the Sun. They could be Community issues, Social issues, Politics, gossip, banter, chatter, daily events, News, History, Educational issues, Cultural issues, Public Relations, Diplomacy, Friendship, Love, Humour, anything else that you may cook up, within the confines of civilized dialogue.

# You may register temporarily with a temporary i.d. and password and log in. When you log out, your i.d. and password is purged automatically after a fixed interval of time! This is the uniqueness of chat on the portal of Tripodot. In addition, you may create a room and let others walk in or restrict access after you have logged in. When the room is empty, it gets purged too automatically after a fixed time interval.

# Happy dialogues, everyone! Enjoy yourself.