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ABOUT: TRIPODOT IS A LISTINGS COMPANY. is a local listings website. aims to provide the opportunity to all businesses/enterprises, vocation practitioners, big and small, and around the globe, to register an internet presence at a very affordable price. We give prospective listees the platform to place details of their ‘business/vocation/profession/whatever else/work’ in a page which shall indeed be ‘local’. And the listees shall be part of a global community. At, you can view exactly what the grocer/stationer/anybody else across the globe is selling and how. Apparently, you are not going to buy that loaf of bread from across the seas. But then so what?

        Eventually, we intend to make this a fun site. And we’ll need all your support and good wishes, and indeed blessings.

        There certainly are businesses/organizations who would like to be placed in a page which probably is not so local and small but covers a wider area and is optimally balanced in terms of reach and projection. For them, we have For those amongst us who would like entire regions to be covered in one page, we have For nations themselves to be covered in one page, we have has been operational since June 16, 2006.


The Idea: Blah…blah...  (watch this space)!!


The Structure: Any endeavour of this nature, in the opinion of the owner/proprietor, shall consist of three major fronts or areas of operation upon which it shall rest.

a). The Administrative & The Logistics.

b). The Web Development & The Web Design.

c). The Field Operations.


a). The Administrative & The Logistics: Administration, policy decisions and handling huge volumes of data.

b). The Web Development & The Web Design: Structure formulation and presentation, adapting changes and

     additions perpetually.

c). The Field Operations: Collecting data from all over and the face of the website.


       This endeavour reflects itself and exists largely, if not solely, in the virtual environment-the internet or cyber space. A very appropriate representation or symbol, if one may call it, of the internet is the dot (.)

       The ‘three supports’, as mentioned above, may be reflected by the word ‘Tripod’. Combine the two words and you have ‘tripoddot’. A subtle refinement yields this enterprise the name ‘Tripodot’.


People: Tripodot and are completely owned by Sandeep Vij.

Currently, all the operations are being handled by him. His own brainchild, he’s endeavoured to develop the entire idea from scratch. A citizen of India, he is a Delhi based Architect.


Pricing: Please go to Pricing Chart.


Contact Us: Presently, you may leave your valuable suggestions and enquiries at


telephone: +91-11-65809933.

Alternatively, you may sign the Guest Book. It’s your privilege!


Resources/Value Addition: In order to enrich the user experience, certain utility or/and ‘value addition’ features shall be incorporated and upgraded periodically. Presently, the following is available:-

News: News feeds from trusted sources shall be presented subject to availability. The sorting is on the basis of geo-political divisions of our dear planet and available for various audiences desirous of savouring updated news at any time for any given location, area, region, nation, continent. The scope (portfolio) shall be broadened continuously. This should be gratifying for famished souls! What do you think? To select, please visit

Chat: You may indulge in civilized dialogue about anything under the Sun, and in real time. There shall be more than one Chat. The scope shall be broadened over period in a judicious manner. The various rooms therein are expected to conform to geo-political context. There are fruitful discussions waiting for you for glory, charm, enchantment! Tell them all at


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